Brow Feathering

Be on top of the Brow Game!

We are all beautiful in our own way, but a little enhancement will not hurt especially if it means waking up with makeup on. We invite anyone who wants to take their brows to the next level to try our semi-permanent cosmetic procedure.

Sport a Spot-On Woke-Up-Like-This Look …

After all, who does not want to look great 24/7? Our techniques are bound to enhance your natural features even when you are at the gym or out for a quick dip. If you have ever wished for more prominent brows, we have you covered.

For beauty that stays in place, come and visit us in Gracemere and we will give your brows a semi-permanent makeover. We provide medically proven and completely safe semi-permanent cosmetic enhancements.


Terms and Condition

There are no guarantees in tattooing. Some skins will not take pigment as well as others and more than two sessions may be required – this will be at an additional fee. Results vary due to skin type, after care and environmental conditions. By booking with Chateau25 Beauty Room, you acknowledge and accept these terms.
As perfectionists, we aim for the most realistic, natural-looking result to give you the best service that you deserve.


What Is Semi-Permanent Makeup?

Semi-permanent makeup is the method of applying pigment to the dermis to produce enhancements that resemble the effects of applying makeup products. If you are allergic to cosmetic products, try this procedure for a more natural-looking effect. This method can also benefit clients who are undergoing chemotherapy or suffering from hair loss illness.

Why Consider Applying Semi-Permanent Makeup?

  • Balances and Enhances Your Natural Facial Features
  • Creates More Defined, Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows*
  • Gives You a “No Makeup” Look
  • Gives You More Time in the Morning
  • Increases Your Self-Confidence
  • Keeps You Looking Younger
  • Keeps Your Beauty in Place Anytime, Anywhere
  • Makes You Look Your Best